Staying Fit this festive season


With Tihar just over the horizon the festive spirit is high as ever even though the thought of Covid-19 is looming at the back of our mind.  The endless months of lockdown and staying home has definitely had a toll on our body and add to that the festive season, it is easy to lose track of your belly. Before you know it, a few extra calories that everyone started with has turned into a few extra pounds of fat. This time of the month is all about food, drinks and more food for us Nepalese and even the thought of diet seems absurd, without diet staying Fit is impossible. Or is it? Let’s take a look at a few ways you can stay lean while still eating your favorite dishes and getting drunk.

Eating in moderate amount

Focus on the word moderate here.  We all know how hard it is to avoid our favorite fatty dishes so eat whatever comes your way, even the sweetest of deserts but remember the word moderate. No matter what you eat, try having only small portions to make sure you don’t exceed your calorie intake by noon. Our body takes the nutrients it needs and stores everything else away as fat. So, whatever you eat try having tiny portions and enjoy your favorite dishes till the end of the day.  

Drinking spirits and whiskeys

Festivals are all about having fun and drinking. No matter what you do during this season there is bound to be alcohol or some other festive drink involved. Although we do not really think about liquid calorie intake as much as we do about food intake, these can be the biggest contributors towards your bulging belly. A can of beer has about 150 calories and it may not sound like much but some good company, good vibes and before you know it, you’re 7 cans down. This can total to roughly half an average person’s calorie requirement. This does not mean you don’t drink at all, limit yourself to a few cans and if possible, switch out for a drink that has less calories. Contrary to beer, spirits tend to have less calories and can be enjoyed for a longer time. Make sure to choose the right mixer as soft drinks are calorie heavy and breaks the whole purpose of switching over.

Get your beauty sleep

As fun as having a good time all night sounds, getting a full night’s sleep sounds even better. Staying up all night during the festivals isn’t uncommon as the wildest of events happen during late at nights. But staying up also means eating more and being sleep deprived the next day. Research shows that sleep affects weight gains immensely as lack of sleep causes hormone imbalance and overeating. Staying up all night also means you’re sleep deprived and cranky all the day and miss out on the fun. So hit the sack early and avoid overeating while refilling your energy for the next day’s fun.


Exercise regularly


Exercising regularly doesn’t mean a two-hour intense workout session at the gym. A few laps around your colony, couple of pushups and burpees can make a lot difference. Workouts such as HIIT (high intensity interval training) do not require much time and can help you burn calories even during rest. Other forms of exercises such as yoga and stretching might not burn much calories but are equally effective to keep you fit. Try squeezing some form of exercise during the morning and feel fresh throughout the day.

Staying Fit this festive season isn’t that hard and having a good time with your friends and family without having to worry about gaining weight is definitely possible. You may not be able to drink or eat as much as everyone else but you’ll stand out with your intact physique by the end of it.  Following these tips will definitely help you avoid going 2 size up or bulking up by the time the festive season ends.

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